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Here is some information on Larry Storey Park at Waterford

almost 3 years ago

The park was named after Laurence (Larry) John Storey (30 June 1908 – 3 December 2000, buried at Logan Village Cemetery) ), a local dairy farmer who also worked on the construction of the Waterford Bridge. He was also a local councilor on the Waterford Shire Council. Other parks along the river were named around 1975, so it's quite possible that Larry Storey Park was also named around this time.

The land appears to have been a government reserve for a long time. A map from 1893 shows the area that is now the park had already been gazetted (declared) a government reserve.

To get a detailed history of european settlement in the Waterford area, you can read the Waterford chapter (pp. 56 – 69) in ‘Logan River Tinnie Trail. A heritage trail along the Logan River’ by Mary Howells. Copies of the book are held in the Logan Central library.

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