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'A Personal Story', written by Jenny (property owner along the river)

almost 3 years ago

Due to having lived by the Logan River for most of my years, I must say it is a big part of my life.

I remember as a small girl, watching my father swim in the river, and due to the current he would only let us paddle on the edge.

The fish we use to catch on our bamboo rods and coke bottle lines - bream, catfish, flathead and eels, and sometimes whiting, not to mention the tortoises. We would see old Charlie Flesser rowing his boat close to the bank to catch the jumping mullet.

In the drought of 1960's having mud crab for our school lunches. Catching about 6 or 8 large muddies a day in pots. But due to the salt water coming up the river no irrigating could be done which caused hardship to the farm. But now due the development along the river, and the carp, this has all gone, and you would be lucky to catch a little catfish.

Since the 1974 floods, have seen the large willows and mulberries trees, slowly disappear. More recently have spent countless hours with my late husband and three sons removing the lantana from the river bank. This has been a good family time, with smoko under the gum trees, and the boys seeing all different kinds of birds, koalas, echidnas and one spotted quoll, not to forget the ants and the odd snake.

Listen to my grandmother, telling me how they used to get all their drinking water out of the creek, which flows into the Logan, and the crops of potatoes and peas which were grown on the river flat.

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